NAWDO is the primary network for senior waste managers within local authorities with statutory responsibilities for waste disposal.  With over 80 members NAWDO membership represents around 80% of all local authorities with waste disposal duties and includes London Boroughs, Joint Waste Disposal Authorities, Waste Partnerships, Metropolitan, Unitary and County Councils from all UK regions (with the exception of Scotland). NAWDO's members manage around three quarters of the nation's municipally managed waste. 

The organisation has excellent working relationships with DEFRA and leading industry bodies. It runs regular meetings, which provide members with first hand opportunities to hear from, speak to and ask questions of, key leaders and stakeholders within the waste management industry, regulators and central government.

Our priorities are:

  • To maintain and further develop good working relations with key government officials in Defra; DCLG; BEIS and Treasury and with the LGA to influence policy and legislation at a formative stage and to lobby for change.
  • To respond to relevant government consultations.
  • To represent NAWDO on relevant working groups or at relevant meetings.
  • Liaise with other Local Authority Officer representative bodies to further the interests of local government in the field of resource and waste management.
  • To enable members to easily share knowledge and information amongst the membership.
  • To provide regular meetings to allow for face-to-face information exchange between the membership and with key industry representatives and government officials.

NAWDO's Excecutive Committee:

Sam Horne
Strategic Manager - Waste & Resources, Hampshire County Council

Jon Hastings
Head of Strategy and Development, East London Waste Authority

Ken Lawson
Waste Strategic Client Manager,  Bristol City Council 

Jarno Stet
Waste and Recycling Manager, City of Westminster

Membership Secretary and Treasurer
Amy Nebel
Recycling Contracts Manager,  Peterborough City Council 


Policy & Advisory Committee members

            Name                          Authority                                                          

  • Shaun Askins                Luton Borough Council                                       
  • Gurbaksh Badhan         Buckinghamshire Council                                  
  • Wendy Barratt               Devon County Council                                      
  • Tom Beagan                  West London Waste Authority 
  • Emma Beal                    West London Waste Authority 
  • Vicky Beechey              Oxfordshire Waste Partnership                                                                                         
  • Jane Hughes                 Suffolk County Council                                   
  • Joel Hull                        Norfolk County Council                                   
  • Duncan Jones               Hertfordshire Waste Partnership   
  • Barbara Jones               Cumbria County Council       
  • Matthew King                 Hertfordshire County Council           
  • Andrew Lappage            East London Waste Authority                          
  • Eleanor Reader-Moore  North London Waste Authority 
  • Ruth Robinson               Derbyshire County Council                                   
  • Nigel Shilton                   Leicestershire County Council   
  • Adam Smith                   Cambridgeshire County Council   
  • Glynn Stevenson            Merseyside Recycling & Waste Authority                                                                 
  • Tim Walker                      ARC21