Media reply to on contamination

Press Release
Date: 25 August 2020

NAWDO reply after asked for a comment on this Telegraph article on recycling contamination:

Letsrecycle article:

NAWDO press comment –

Tuesday 25th August 2020


380,000 households equate to 1% of the UK’s 26,7m households.  In the UK there were isolated difficulties managing waste during Covid-19 due to staff absence and increased waste generation but on the whole the local authority waste and recycling operations were exemplary at a very difficult time.

Many of NAWDO’s members have seen an increase in recycling rates recently. For example, the 650,000 households in the West London Waste Authority area alone recycled c.15% more during the pandemic. When non-recyclable items are contaminating recycling, it cannot be used as new resources. It is important that only those materials that can be recycled are presented for local authority recycling collections.