Media reply: WEEE PCS Balance Scheme consultation

Press Release
Date: 6 October 2016

Media reply to Letsrecycle on WEEE PCS Balance Scheme consultation

NAWDO very much appreciates our involvement in this consultation in order to represent the interests of 80% of local authorities with duties on waste disposal. WEEE is an important element of the services our members provide and the WEEE market has seen substantial changes over the past year which has given rise to uncertainty for all within the sector.

NAWDO strongly encourages a fair and consistent approach towards collecting WEEE from DCFs ensuring all sites receive a service regardless of location and/or market conditions. Whilst using Regulation 34 is an option of last resort for our members, it is nevertheless a vital instrument to ensure WEEE arising at our member’s DCFs is collected promptly and treated safely. However, we would welcome the option to have advance discussions with PCSs and possibly avoid having to use formal notification under Regulation 34, although a number of Local Authorities are now operating under a Regulation 34 Notice. Revising the code of practise and the PBS process would greatly assist in ensuring a necessary service will be in place to collect WEEE arising at HWRCs.

We look forward to working with the sector in order to ensure that high quality PCS services can be provided over a period in time in order to avoid the need for duplicating Regulation 34 requests every few days. NAWDO supports the work DEFRA undertakes in encouraging a stable collection system for WEEE. Reducing administrative burdens and providing greater certainty over collection agreements would benefit PCSs, Local Authorities and the re- processors.