Press release on the 25 year anniversary of NAWDO

Press Release
Date: 4 September 2017

Press release on the 25 year anniversary of NAWDO

Monday 4th September 2017

This year, on 7th September, the National Association of Waste Disposal Officers, better known as NAWDO, will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary.

Over the last 25 years hundreds of hard working and inspirational NAWDO officers have worked with central government, trade associations, the waste management industry, the community sector  as well as other groups to help influence and shape an industry which is completely unrecognisable in 2017 compared to where it was in 1992, the year NAWDO was founded. Over the years NAWDO has been supported by 14 chairs, 17 vice chairs, 11 secretaries and over 70 Policy & Advisory Committee members. NAWDO has worked tirelessly to try and engage, harness and guide the waste industry whilst looking after its members best interests. Without the invaluable effort and input from present and past members NAWDO couldn’t have developed into the beacon organisation it is today.

The next 25 years will be influenced by raw and secondary materials markets as waste truly becomes a resource.  Technological advances are altering the way society consumes and disposes of items, the nature and funding of local government is fundamentally changing, the composition of waste will undoubtedly change requiring innovative solutions and co-ordinated action between all sectors.  Legislation is needed as an enabler of change as well as a control to ensure the value of waste materials is understood and protected.  Producer responsibility and the circular economy will have much more focus and higher priority in the years to come. NAWDO officers will continue to drive the waste and resources agenda and positively influence policy.

Claire Brailsford, current Chair of NAWDO said: ‘We are still facing some of the same perennial problems such as waste crime, challenges of two tier working; what to do with certain types of recovered waste materials and budgetary pressures whilst working within a sector governed by unpredictable and sometimes very rapidly shifting legislative change. The challenge of constantly balancing local needs with national policy aims whilst trying to deliver the best possible services for our communities within our budget constraints is one of a kind. Landfill tax steadily increased from £7 per tonne when it was introduced in 1996 to £86.40 per tonne today. The change in the waste industry which was brought on by this tax has been spectacular. We look forward to working with the whole of the waste sector in years to come ensuring that high quality value for money waste and recycling services are provided to residents and businesses in the communities which NAWDO represents.’

Whilst much has changed since 1992 and will continue to change in future; at its 25 year anniversary NAWDO remains up to date and fully committed to delivering a better outcome for the environment, communities and local government.